About DataWise

DataWise Policies

Library departments submitting data are responsible for ensuring the data is updated. There are two ways to update data:

1. Online Form: Datasets can be updated using an online form that will auto update the dataset and the data visualization element.

2. Email: If a form is not setup for a particular dataset, the department contact should email the updated data to FondrenData@rice.edu and the dataset will be updated manually by the DataWise administrator.

Data visualization elements are provided via Google Docs. The DataWise administrator can create data visualization elements on behalf of and at the request of the department. The department is welcome to use visualization elements other than those provided by Google Docs; however, the DataWise administrator is not responsible for the development or maintenance of third party data visualization elements and will not troubleshoot compatibility problems or update datasets stored on a site outside of the DataWise structure.

Departments submitting new datasets should expect at least a one week turn around time. Updating data usually requires 2 -3 business days.