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Social Media promotes the interaction between users and organizations and enables communication between parties to facilitate the creation and exchange of user generated content. Currently, the media outlets utilized by Fondren are Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Youtube, Wordpress, Blogger and Podomatic. Fondren uses social media to provide current information about our services, resources, community outreach events, and projects. In addition, the social media medium permits patrons to speak directly to Fondren regarding issues, concerns, or suggestions in real time and offers immediate access to knowledgeable library personnel.

Social Media Use

Statistical analysis of these mediums are drawn from the official Fondren Library sites and do not include content authored solely by Fondren staff apart from Fondren services. The statistics maintained record followers, friends, views, and comments as the relevant social medium verbiage dictates. We are are exploring means of recording and assessing more qualitative interactions (conversations, questions, etc.) between our social media and patrons to further enhance our engagement with patrons.